Dress for Success: Creating a Personal Brand for self

Transitioning from active duty to civilian life can be challenging. Some veterans have a hard time readjusting to civilian life while others make the transition with little or no difficulty. Moreover, entering civilian workforce comes with a myriad of challenges. One such challenge you will find yourself in while re-entering the civilian workplace is making sure you dress appropriately.

Does this sound familiar: A person goes in for a job interview. His credentials are amazing. On paper, he would be a perfect fit forthe company. Unfortunately, the way he is dressed is sending another message entirely. Underdress, and you will give the impression of being sloppy, careless, or indifferent. Overdress, and you may suggest to people that you are too reserved to be a true team player. How does one navigate these pitfalls to find something that works?

Creating Attire That Properly Reflects Your Personal Brand

When you are applying for a job, or even if you are an entrepreneur who is trying to secure financing for your startup, people are looking for someone who can project an aura of success (2). Success can be defined or actualized in a variety of different ways. One such way is to choose an apparel that reflects not only your personality but also your attitude towards the job and company you wish to apply to. Workplace attire not only establishes your personal brand as you want it to be seen, but also a degree of success defined by the company you are applying to or working for (1). Some companies want their employees to be in a more professional attire such as a suit and tie while some businesses take on a more casual approach to wardrobe. Others still want you to be flexible enough to be able to change your wardrobe to reflect whatever is going on. Therefore, considering the company’s culture and environment while choosing your wardrobe is very important.

However, there are some businesses that make very, very specific demands on what they expect employees to wear on a day to day basis. So, when you apply for a job, make sure you follow the following:

· Thoroughly research about the company, its culture and its people

· Understand what is expected of you

· Gather information that can directly help you

Once you get to the point of a face to face interview, use this knowledge and your research to dress in a way that accomplishes two things:

· Shows the world at large what your personal brand is all about

· Shows the specific company in question that you are capable of not only dressing for their definition of success, but that you are also capable of dressing as someone who wants to be part of the team


The core of a personal brand is telling everyone who you are, as well as what you stand for (3).

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